Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 18, 2003
Weather: high of about 60ºF and sunny

We spend a few days in Amsterdam. I mainly want to come here because I've been a fan of Vincent van Gogh for a long time and the big van Gogh museum is here. That museum is one of the most anticipated parts of the trip for me.

In other regards, we find Amsterdam beautiful and comfortable. Except for the difficulty in finding an internet cafe that will let me use a laptop, we find it really enjoyable.

Bamberg, Germany has the only garden gnome store that I've seen and we were lucky enough to see it on our way to Amsterdam.
We also get to see some of the scenic Rhine valley on our way to Amsterdam. It seems like they have a castle every half mile. It was probably pretty annoying to all the merchants who had to pay river taxes to each castle.
We stop in Cologne for a meal at this sausage vendor. Our last big wurst blowout in Germany.
We finally arrive in Amsterdam and have to deal with the problem of bicycle parking. Not because we have a bike to park, but because they take up all the sidewalks. This is the view in front of our hotel near the train station.
Scenic buildings. Notice the canal in the foreground. They're everywhere.
We visit the Rijksmuseum so I can warm up for the big visit to the Van Gogh museum tomorrow. You can see the spring reaching the trees here.

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