Stockholm, Sweden

March 22, 2003
Weather: high of about 50ºF and sunny

Only a few more days left in our Eurail Pass and the countries are flying by. We took a train from Hamburg to Copenhagen where the train pulled right onto a ferry. Then we took a train to Stockholm.

This is one of the better protest posters we've seen of the war in Iraq. People haven't been too shy about telling us how shameful America's behavior is right now.
In Stockholm, the main tourist thing we do is see Skansen, an outdoor museum and zoo. Ryan can't resist the camel ride for the kiddies.
Skansen has many old buildings from around Sweden displayed on a lovely plot of land, which opened as a museum in 1891. You can see the swamp has some thin ice.
Some of the buildings were built in the 13th century. Others are farms from the 15th through 17th centuries. (Note the traditional Swedish implement: the örange køne.)
The zoo includes some reindeer. There are also bison, bear, moose, fox, pigs, and Shetland ponies.
I was amazed by the color of this building.
This is a rune stone that was used as a memorial. I think it is from the 12th century.
There are people in some of the buildings acting as merchants or farmers or whatever. There is even a baker complete with irresistable smells and costly biscuits.

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