Bamberg, Germany

March 16, 2003
Weather: high of about 60ºF and sunny

Bamberg is a place that neither of us have been to and we pick it out of the guidebook mainly for the fact that it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It turns out to be bigger and livelier than we expect. Still there are glorious churches and beautiful streets. There is a university and discos as well.

The city has been carefully restored and there are incredible murals.
A river divides the city into a hilly side, a flat side, and an island in the river. This gives lots of opportunity for scenic bridges.
This is the Cathedral of St Peter and St George which was built around 1211.
I'd like to know what the building regulations are like here, because they manage to keep the old town looking pretty much like Disneyland. Only authentic.
The Cathedral of St Jacob has less in the way of decoration, but has great lighting.
The very elaborate (and sometimes distressing) decoration in the churches makes us understand better the Muslim criticism of Christianity for being pagan.
On the other hand, if you didn't have the church putting up all these works of art, these cities would be a lot more boring today.
The feeling in this city is terribly inviting and we spend an afternoon trying to figure out a way to move here.

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