Rothenburg, Germany

March 15, 2003
Weather: high of about 40ºF and partly cloudy

Julie fondly remembers Rothenburg from a previous family trip to Germany, so we stop here to soak in the old German vibes and have a few wurst.

The old town is on a hill with a wall and gates.
The weather is bitter cold but there is still a few die-hard tourists wandering around.
We spend a while in the Middle Ages Museum that contains a lot of grisly torture implements and exhibits on law and trials. These are shame masks used to punish minor criminals. They have bells on them to make them more embarrassing.
The stockade is one of the mildest punishments that we see. We also see iron maidens, thumb screws, stretchcing racks, and chairs made of pointed spikes. Those medieval types had a rich imagination for ways to inflict pain.
These are executioner's swords, one of them owned by a "famous" executioner.

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