Munich, Germany

March 14, 2003
Weather: high of about 30ºF and partly cloudy

In Munich, we find our chosen hotel full. Shocking. We are used to being the only tourists, but I guess all the people that chose to pass on the exotic locations this year are cramming into the safer locations. We find a fine place to stay in a little Turkish section of town west of the train station.

I drag Julie to the Deutsches Museum, which is described as a cross between a science museum and Disneyland. It turns out to specialize in scale models. This is Tyco Brahe's observatory, but we also see a miniature brewery, granary, cheese factory, brick kiln, old farmhouse, sugar refinery, and dairy farm.
This is an elaborate scale model of an iron smelter, I think. It is a little hard to tell with all the labels in German and me without an industrial phrasebook.
We might have missed the Sublah Toilet museum in India, but we see the toilet exhibit here. The modest plumbing exhibit is tucked behind the textile exhibit, so to lure visitors in, it has to resort to paintings of nude women bathing in Roman baths. We feel cheated (for different reasons) when all the nudity turns out to be in the ad posters.
It is bitter cold in Munich, so we barely do any walking around the city. Here is a church we hustle by with our coats pulled tight around us.

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