Zurich, Switzerland

March 13, 2003
Weather: high of about 50ºF and partly cloudy

We have a layover of about two hours in Zurich despite our best efforts to be efficient in train connections. That gives us a pleasant amount of time to wander around the city a bit.

Lonely Planet jokes that you'll never have difficulty finding a bank in Zurich. But we aren't looking for more Swiss francs since we'll be crossing back into the land of Euro soon. And none too soon. I like the Euro much better for some reason.
Our walk follows the river from the train station to the Zurichsee (Zurich Lake) and back.
We feel woefully underdressed, as usual. I find a few nice suits in the windows, but these striped trousers strike me as odd. It would take a much bigger man than I to wear trousers like that.
Part of our walkway along the river is covered and is used as a garage for bicycles.
Julie, always planning her Portland garden, wants a picture of these to remind her to plant something like it back home.

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