Interlaken, Switzerland

March 12, 2003
Weather: high of about 70ºF with a little fog
Our 10th anniversary

In Interlaken, we discover Walter's Guesthouse by walking past it. He turns out to have inexpensive rooms and the best surprise of all: a fabulous breakfast. We take the train up to the highest train station in Europe: Jungfraujoch. It is quite a tourist trap, but is still an enjoyable way to spend our anniversary.

We ride three different trains up the slope to Jungfraujoch. We pass a lot of ski slopes and it looks really fun. Our lame excuse for not skiing in the Alps is that we don't have the clothes for it, and it would be really expensive.
The view is clear and lovely in the morning, but as we approach the top, clouds roll in cover part of the view.
I should be able to name these mountains, but I didn't pay that much attention to all the placemats in restaurants and maps in tourist booths, so I can't tell the Eiger from the Monch.
At the top, we only have about ten minutes of view before the clouds really cover everything up.
We manage to sneak in a portrait with a little blue sky in it on the top of the weather station. It isn't all that cold out there, until you get into the wind.
But who needs a view, when you can walk through tunnels in a glacier.
This is so much like Crystal Caverns, you wouldn't believe it. Except for the handrail.
On the way down, we take the advice of the train conductor and get off and walk for a few kilometers. Actually, for the first several kilometers, we slide down the snowy trail, getting snow into our impractical jogging shoes.
Closer to the valley floor, we have solid ground to walk on and steep hillsides to admire.
The best scenery of all turns out to be on the train station wall. Julie also refrains from making jokes about the hills being alive.

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