Luzern, Switzerland

March 11, 2003
Weather: high of about 70ºF with a little fog

We take a train from Bellinzona north to Luzern and stop for lunch. Then we rush back to the station in time to catch the train to Interlaken.

I'm trying really hard not to make any jokes about the hills being alive, so just bear with me.
We walk around Luzern a little. Just from the train station to the old town across the river. The water is a brilliantly clear and there are swans and other water fowl frolicking pleasantly. However, there is the constant odor of cows and manure in the air.
We peek into a Jesuit church that Julie remembers.
We jump on our train just as it is about to leave and find that we're in a second class car. The ticket taker tells us how to jump out at the next station to get into first class. Most cars, you can walk between and stay on the train, but not if you are changing classes. We end up in a panoramic view car which makes it much easier to gawk at the mountains.
The rest of the photos on this page are taken from the train. I left the window in this one, to show a little more context.
There isn't too much snow. Until we get to the high passes.
As we approach Interlaken, the views are suddenly doubled by the lake reflection.
As peaceful as this shot is, you'd never know that the figures on the strip of land are skateboarders causing a ruckus in this tranquil setting.
We pull into town as it is starting to get dark.

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