Soazza, Switzerland

March 10, 2003
Weather: high of about 70ºF with a little fog

The tone of our trip changes a great deal for the better when we have friends or family to stay with. Our stay in Soazza is, therefore, a wonderful change of pace from Italy.

When we first come into Bellinzona, Kurt, Flürin, and Ben take us on a tour of the castles that were built to defend this valley about 1,000 years ago.
There are three castles in the valley and the town of Bellinzona has grown up around them.
We stop at the old city hall and see some of the other buildings in Bellinzona, which is in the Swiss-Italian part of the country.
Everything seems like a short walk from the train station.
The castles now are homes to museums and restaurants, but Kurt thinks they should be turned into a college campus.
In the village of Soazza, we take a walk along an old railroad line and stop at the Soazza church.
Evidence of spring is hard to find, but it does exist.
The views in the village are just breathtaking at all hours of the day.
Our fabulous hosts, pictured in front of the empty fondue pot, are Julie's cousin Kurt, his wife Corinne, and their kids Orlando, Rendel, Benjamin, and Flürin.

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