Firenze, Italia

March 8, 2003
Weather: high of about 70ºF and sunny

We slow down in Florence and concentrate on soaking in the atmosphere of rich people shopping, college kids partying, and the background of Renaissance streets and statues.

Our host at Hotel Proconsola tells us that this is the best sandwich place in Florence, and sure enough, it is always busy. When we get in, Julie woos the staff by asking them for their most famous sandwich. She gets a salted pork, spiced eggplant, cheese, and onion sandwich on a crusty roll.
The scale of the city is small enough to walk easily, and it is dense enough to have plenty of amazing things to stumble across every few blocks. It makes me wonder how many churches you need if you are a medium sized town in the 1500s.
The view from our window toward the Duomo, the biggest church in town.
The view from our window to one of the many other churches in town. We see a lot of those rainbow flags with "Peace" or "Pace" written on them.
Since I don't have too many photos for Florence just now, it might be nice to fill out the page with a few links to local web sites:

Florence Museum of the History of Science
A good collection of telescopes used by Galileo, and also his middle finger.
Pizza joint in Naples
This is just like Leonzo's in Plantation, Florida. The pizza of my youth.
Italian trains
I haven't been to this website myself, but it should give an indication of how swanky the trains are here, compared to Amtrak.
Our hotel in Naples
We could only afford to stay here because they had just opened and were still hungry for new customers.

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