Santorini Island, Greece

February 26, 2003
Weather: high of about 55ºF and windy

We're actually in the city of Fira. There is no sign today of the bad weather that held up our ferry. First, we find a hotel, then we spend the day walking around town, having a leisurely lunch, gazing at the sun and the water. Few places are open, but we manage to find a great spot for lunch. We also find the place where we can buy our ferry ticket back to Athens. (The one open internet cafe doesn't take laptops.)

The island is small and skinny enough for us to be able to look down to the shore on either side at once. The island was drastically altered by the eruption of its volcano in 1500BC. This drastically altered Minoan civilization on the island  as well. They say that the legend of Atlantis came from the destruction of this island.
About ten tourists get off the ferry at Santorini. I can only imagine what it is like in high season when all these cafes are bustling.
The light is incredible. We walk along the narrow walkways until we find a spot to relax in the sun.
Here is a bit of our path.
Ahh, the light.

This is a view down to the old port where a funicular (cable car) runs every few hours. It isn't the port our ferry used, so we had to wait for a hotel owner to scoop us up and take us to his hotel.
We're accompanied by a dog on all stages of our walk, stopping to sunbathe with us, and waiting outside stores and tourist offices. He also entertains us by terrorizing the local moped traffic and inspecting every dumpster along our route. By the end, we feel like we've been given a personal tour of the city by one of its highest-ranking officials.

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