Santorini Island, Greece

February 28, 2003
Weather: high of about 55ºF and mostly cloudy

Our second day in Fira, we tour a museum with a couple of incredible Minoan murals from 2000BC. I always liked being the Minoans in Age of Empires. Now I have another reason. Then we rent a car for €20 a day and drive around the 110km of island roads. I was hoping to get to rent a SmartCar since they are so unusual, but we can only get a Hyundai that is just slightly smaller than I'm used to. Only once does Julie drive on the wrong side of the road...

It is hard to stop myself from taking lots of photos of the churches and shrines. First, there are so many of them.
The village of Oia, on the northern tip of the island, turns out to be the most photogenic. I didn't believe the guidebook, but it told me that this was the most photographed place on the island.
There is evidence of the volcanic history of Santorini just about everywhere. Here you get a good look at the red volcanic rocks that show up in later pictures as just a texture.
We don't spend much time at any of the beaches since it is too cold for swimming, but the water still looks inviting. Most of the time, we are in the villages high up on the cliffs.
Even utility sheds here are decorated better than my house.
The wear and tear of sea weather must be a hassle for people living here, but it sure looks lovely when you don't have to do the painting.
Every once in awhile, you need a nice new photo for your desktop.
Here is the village of Oia as we sail by on the ferry. We hope for a nice uneventful ride back to Athens, unlike our ride coming here.

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