Athens to Santorini, Greece

February 25, 2003
Weather: high of about 35ºF and windy

Our first attempt to wake up at 5:30am to catch the ferry to Santorini fails. We sleep right through the alarm. That gives us an extra day in Athens with no pressure to see any sights. Very pleasant. We should have thought of this trick sooner.

Here's a shot for Anne. If we weren't feeling so broke in expensive Greece, we might have bought you a nice sun. Probably the one on the bottom with the tongue sticking out.
Here is Ryan near two items of interest: an ancient library which was part of the Roman Agora, and a SmartCar. I don't know much about the library, but the SmartCar is as long as most cars are wide, so it can park in parallel parking without being parallel. It looks short enough that you can open the hatchback and reach into the glove compartment.
When we finally get on our ferry, it leaves two hours late, then someone falls overboard and we look for them for four more, but a helicopter is the one to find them. At long last, we pull into Syros because weather is too bad for us to continue.

It is an odd introduction to Greek islands, but it fits with Homer's Odyssey, which Julie is reading now. Much of the town is wrapped up tight for the winter.
While we wait for word about whether the ferry will be able to continue on to Santorini, we walk around the marble streets of the port town. Julie buys some knitting needles to replace the one's that were confiscated in the Heathrow airport.
This reminds me that we are only a few weeks from my first chance to see the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. I'm quite excited.
Here is our warm and cozy ferry where we'll be sleeping on the floor tonight. We could upgrade to a cabin for about $60 but the floor is probably warmer than the hotel we were in for the last few days. It's also nicer.
We aren't the only ferry waiting out the storm.

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