Athens, Greece

February 23, 2003
Weather: high of about 35ºF and windy

Still can't find an internet cafe that will let me connect a laptop. Greece is turning out to be the least enlightened country as far as my internet needs go. But I can always fall back on site-seeing when the internet utterly fails me. Today we brave the winds and climb to the Acropolis.

We wake up on this Sunday morning to mad church bells. Then to well-amplified small bands and singers. It is carnival on the street in front of our hotel. Street vendors sell masks, plastic clubs, and confetti. Everyone dresses up and marches or dances through town. The children have green shorts on, that expose their pink and chilly knees.
Here we meet the cheeriest ATM ever. I just miss getting a photo of it while it considers my withdrawal request. The cartoon shows a man thinking ponderously with many empty thought bubbles over his head.
On the Acropolis, we are at first too hot from the exertion of climbing, but then we are quickly cooled by the brisk wind. I have to say that the Greek flag could be the best looking flag in the world. Nothing could look better in a brilliant blue sky, and this one even looks good in the face of a coming storm.
The Parthenon is amazing and everything, but orderly piles of debris are a little more interesting.
The best picture I get of the Parthenon itself is from a nearby hill. The building just in front of the hill is a theatre that has had the seating restored.
Here we are walking down the hill of the Acropolis. Don't you envy us for how tan we are getting in sunny Greece?
We have only seen Two Towers once at this point, but I still have a Tolkien lens that tells me this could have been a fine location to shoot some slightly menacing elf scenes.

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