Athens, Greece

February 22, 2003
Weather: high of about 35ºF and windy

Here we are in Athens. It is true that gyros are for sale everywhere. But the olives are not all superlative. The batch in the picture below were a bit off. But the bread is universally wonderful. It looks like this is going to be a long tour of amazing meals between here and London. Maybe we'll actually see some culture as well as eat.

Oh, there are quite a few internet cafes with great connections, but no one is interested in letting me plug in my laptop. Grrrr. It could be a long time before I get to update again.

The touts are a little more charming here in Greece. It was a particularly charming tout that convinced us to eat in this restaurant even though it is a couple notches above our budget. Gyros, vine leaves, and a plate of olives. Mmmmmm.
This "cute doorway" picture is pretty cliche, but if I start thinking about cliches now, I won't let myself take any pictures of Europe. And Bob is back home urging me to keep shooting. Here you go, Bob. I'm in an artistic crisis, just trying to shoot my way through it.
Here's a bit of Parthenon. That hill looks awfully high. Did they go up there every day? I admit I'm getting behind in my reading so I don't even know what the Parthenon was for. I was just getting up to speed on London history for tourists...
The Temple of Zeus once had 104 pillars like this. It was completed by Hadrian.
It is a bit odd to see so many orange trees, heavy with fruit. And lots of rotting oranges on the ground. The smell takes me back to my childhood in Florida. It makes me wonder why there aren't more people eating all these oranges. Well, not the rotten ones in this picture, but, you know, the one's in the trees.
We come across plenty of scenic ruins everywhere we go. Our hotel is in the Plaka. I suppose this region is the Khosan Road of Athens.
Here is a fairly typical street scene in the Plaka. This must be extremely crowded in the high season. When there isn't a war on.

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