Highlights of India

February 10, 2003

What did we like best about India? OK, here is where we'll come out and make some judgement calls. What rocks and what stinks. Well, a lot of things stink in India, and if you were here you'd probably be standing in three of them right now. Lets move on to what rocks.

Top Five things to see in India that travel agents won't tell you about:
  1. Nathu's sweets and snacks shop (in Bengali Market, Delhi). This highly professional operation moves mobs of people through meals every day. The servings are small and inexpensive, so you are perfectly justified in ordering many delicious things, half of them being dessert.
  2. Cottage Industries Emporium, Delhi: Several floors of handcrafts from all over India -- decent prices without haggling
  3. Lassiwallas -- shops making the world's most delicious lassis (sweet, creamy yoghurt drinks). They are usually in old bazaars.
  4. Karim's, a Muslim kebab restaurant in the Nizammudin quarter of Delhi. Drool. Here we had a vegetarian's nightmare of kebabs and a huge leg of goat on a silver platter. Incredibly tasty.
  5. The Presidential Platter of kebabs sold at Bukhara, a restaurant in a five-star hotel in Dehli. Named after President Clinton. Too much food and all of it wonderful. We should have starved ourselves for a few days before coming here.

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