Jaipur to Jhunjhunu, India

January 5, 2003

Weather: high of about 75ºF and clear

Today is our longest day on the bike so far. The weather is clear, except for some smog, even at 7:30am when we set out from Jaipur. (We sneak in one last lassi before we go, though.) The air is cold at 60km/h and the sun only warms you up when you are standing still. We arrive in Jhunjhunu [JOON-joo-noo] about an hour before sundown. We will never, ever ride after sundown.

We pass through desert land as well as watered farms and orchards. Brilliant yellow mustard fields break up the dusty brown of desert. Some of the adobe huts are painted turquoise, and women wear bright red saris embroidered with silver thread and mirrors that glitter in the sun. We weren't quick enough with the camera to catch that, but maybe soon.
Julie sneaks in a portrait while we are rocketing westward.
Passing camel carts on the highway is a treat. Especially when they aren't going slow in your lane.
Camel close up. If we got any closer, you'd be able to see the designs that are shaved in the camel's fur. It appears that each camel has its unique design.

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