London, UK

April 17, 2003
Weather: high of about 75ºF and sunny

On our final leg abroad, we spend some time in London seeing museums and watching a play with Ian McKellan (Gandalf). We really are on our final leg.

Before returning to London, we take a walk through the sheep fields of Brecon. There are a surprising number of fighter jets in the sky overhead.
The bus ride to London is actually pretty warm, even with all the windows down. It feels a bit more like summer than spring.
Unfortunately, the main things we want to do in London are museums and theatre which are awfully indoor kinds of activities. Still we get to smell a few flowers between Tate Modern and St Pauls.
We become quite familiar with walk along the southern bank of the Thames east of Waterloo station.
In London, we stay with the Blands in their lovely new home. Here we are packing up our bags for one of the last times. It is a shame you can't see all the holes and scars on our tired luggage.
We spend about seven hours in the British Museum one day. Here is a tablet from Babylon with instructions for dyeing wool blue and purple.
The British Museum is a fitting end to our trip. Since many of the places we've been were missing some of their best artifacts. Where were they? The British Museum.

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