Brecon, Wales

April 12, 2003
Weather: high of about 40ºF and mostly cloudy

We fly from Oslo to London and catch a bus to Cardiff. In Cardiff, we are amazed by the brilliant birdsong and bursting springtime greenery. I can barely go to sleep at our B&B one night because of the divine bird outside singing late into the night. Then we catch another bus to Brecon so we can ride bikes through Brecon Beacons park.

Here, Ryan takes advantage of the great wireless network in the Oslo airport. In order to keep the laptop battery from dying, he has to sit on the floor near an electrical outlet he can plug into.
The tulips are up in the front gardens of these homes in Brecon. If you look close, you can see the line of garden gnomes on the lintel over the blue door.
I love the color combinations of the houses in Wales, highlighted by the bright black drainpipes.
The trail we follow on our rental bikes, goes along this canal for a few miles.
For even more miles it goes along sheep like this.
Our B&B, the Grange, is next door to a small church.
The scenery, smells, and bird songs of Wales are thrilling. I have to admit that we often find ourselves comparing all this beauty to the computer game, Dark Ages of Camelot.
There are quite a few clearcuts visible from the trail, but there are also really old tree farms like this one, with deep mossy floors.
The last leg of our 25-mile loop cuts across this field with sheep and horses in it, up to the saddle on the right and then down back into Brecon.
Near the saddle, the odd clouds and strong winds got us a little scared we might have to put on our raingear. But we didn't. We just had to struggle on with our noodle legs and our exhausted arms.

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