Critical acclaim

Here's what the critics have to say about our website.

Pictures of yarn?  Give me a break.  --DA, Utah
Screw those other yuppie travelers, you guys are the yuppie travelers I'm putting my money on! -- DH, Massachusetts
FinninDay - Style       5
Writing 9
Photo 9
Serendipity 8

Total 31

Brand X - Style 3
Writing 3
Photo 2
Serendipity 1

Total 9
And there you have it.  --GF, California
All I know is that you're not even out the US yet. Please! When are you really leaving? --VU, Massachusetts
Who else tells the true dirt of travel, like how many times you've fallen off your bikes etc. --AS, Pennsylvania
Very nice - you're moving toward perfection. Soon, you can start charging for subscriptions! --JN, Massachusetts
you guys have cool names! --DH, Massachusetts
okay the new colors are cute, but where are the cloud pictures????? --RD, Pennsylvania
checked out [another travel] site - you guys don't have a CHANCE!!!!!!! --AT, Massachusetts
Rock and the pics and the commentary. --AD, Massachusetts
thanks for keeping us informed, and envious.
--CG, New York
That is so fabulous!  I'm going to share it with
a couple friends you don't even know! --KK, Florida
your web site rocks!  Love the photos!  --KK, Florida
You guys totally rock.  --BH, Connecticut

There have also been constructive criticisms asking us to include more details of how we are reacting to the places we go and take more photos of each other in front of famous monuments. Both good ideas that would make the site more engaging. But my first instinct is toward documenting the new things I'm seeing. So that is what this site is primarily about.

There is room for you to be immortalized as a critic.  Send in your compliments comments.

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