The rule for committee poems is that we each add a word at a time until the poem is completed. We often had themes that related to the country we were in.

November 14, 2002

Sparkling words wait briefly
for reciprocal rewnewal, but
action with firm intent
resolves unspoken desire.

Kicking the cock,
I now understand,
requires precise gesturing.

Roads untravelled and
unpaved stretch rubber
horizons into orderly memory.

December 1, 2002

Morning slogginess maroons
hapless monkeys, whose
moorish mayhem sleeps till
muzzein sings.

January 22, 2003

Temple monkey treats us
with untemplelike scratching.
Sacred statues stare down.
Bells jar loose mobs of hiding
Oblivious, dragonflies
hover idly, snacking on unholy,
riotous mating mosquitos.

Glowing doorways, drifting breezes,
and bats on stealthy errands
make sunset shimmer.
From rampart to alley
sultry dusk scents wash over
day-weary, cooling bodies.