Lord of the Rings filming site summary

Tolkien Location
NZ Location
Hobbiton Matamata Hobbiton is on a farmer's private land and he is bound by contract not to open the site to the public.
Outer Shire

Farmer Maggot's field

"Get off the road!" Mt Victoria in Wellington A gorgeous park in Wellington with great views and enticing mountain bike trails.
Bree Fort Dorset in Seatoun Nothing left to see here.  There used to be a fort that now is being developed as a school.
Arwen, Nazgul horse chase Wanaka Terraces A sheep paddock with scattered pine trees just outside of Wanaka.
Rivendell Kaitoke Regional Park One of the few sites to help visitors find it.  There actually are signs.  The Dept of Conservation (DOC) ranger told us what it was like over-seeing the film crew.
River Anduin Upper Hutt The man who rented us our car said he saw filming at this site by the river for a week or two.  But it doesn't look exactly like the "Come and claim him" scene.
River Anduin, Ford of Bruinen
Just minutes from the center of Arrowtown on the Arrow River.
Lothlorien, Silverlode river Fernside Lodge We didn't make it to this spot.
Lothlorien, Isengard
In Mt Aspiring national park.  We took a guided tour in a range rover to get to this spot.
Amon Hen
A hill on private land on the way to Glenorchy with the Remarkables in the background.
Gates of the Kings
Kawarau River
It is amazing how small the river is compared to how it looks on the big screen.  Very near the site of the first bungy jump by AJ Hackett.
Mount Doom slopes Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe As we took the train through this park, the clouds were too heavy to see Mt Doom.
Helm's Deep Lower Hutt, Dry Creek Quarry Much of the exterior scenes were shot with models, but the quarry does look pretty cool.
Isengard Harcourt Park Again, it took some imagination to see Isengard here, but it was a lovely neighborhood park.
Crow spies A lake between Milford Sound and Queenstown
This is one of those places that required a helicopter for the film crew, so we didn't make it here.  But it would be a great hike.
Arthur's Pass, Castle Rock
Don't know what was filmed here, but the Arthur's Pass locals tell us that something was.  We turned back because of bad weather and didn't see Castle Rock.
Dimrill Dale hillside Takaka Hill I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know what the heck Dimrill Dale is.  I'll have to watch the movie again.  Or maybe it is a scene from the second or third movie.
Chetwood Forest Mt Owen, Mt Olympus Somewhere west of Christchurch.  We missed this one.
Pelennor Fields Twizel We drove through Twizel on our way to Christchurch.
White Mountain Foothills Twizel
Dead Marshes Fiordland While in fiordland, we saw the fiords.  We didn't interrogate the locals to find the film locations.
Midgewater Marshes Fiordland
Weathertop countryside Fiordland
Mines of Moria, Khazad dum, Cirith Ungol computer generated at Weta Studios on Camperdown St in Wellington The studios looked like a great place to work, but there wasn't a lot of options for lunches.  They sure smoked a lot of cigarettes... the box of sand for butts was about 1x3 feet and completely full.