Garden activity log

Portland, Oregon 97215

June 2, 2003
high of 82

Buy lots of implements at Tool Shack and Home Depot in Mall 205
Weedwhack backyard
Mow backyard
Weed upper and lower terrace
Weed patio garden and reapply the bark dust that was there
Re-seed patch of bare earth near steps with Northwest mix lawn seed
    Cover with lawn clippings and water twice a day

June 3, 2003
high of 80

Mow front yard
Buy a load of starts at Portland Nursery
Plant in lower terrace
    3 Alexandria strawberries from start
    1 butter nut squash from start
    5 brussel sprouts from start
    12 potatoes from start from Connie's garden
    3 potatoes from start from Fred Meyer clearance for $1
    3 rows of scallions from seed

Plant in upper terrace
    2 jalapeno peppers from start
    2 thai peppers from start
    2 rows of Oregon pod peas from seed
    1 row of bush beans from seed
    4 brussel sprouts from start
    1 bunch of arugula from start
    4 bunches of Outredgeous lettuce
    about a million superstart white onions from starts (from a 4x4 inch plastic flat)
Plant in patio garden
    Beefsteak tomato start
    Snowwhit cherry tomato from start
    Anna Russian Tomato from start
    Red pear tomato from start
    Basil siam queen thai from start
    Red Rubine basil from start
    8 Genovese basil from start
    2 Florence fennel from start

Build brick walkway in lower terrace

June 4, 2003
high of 90

Plant potatoes in lower terrace from starts that Connie gave us (could be contaminated with cat pee)
Plant seed potatoes from Fred Meyer in lower terrace

June 5, 2003
high of 94

Buy starts and seeds at Portland Nursery
Apply Roundup to morning glory near back door

Planted cherry rose jewel Nasturtium from seed in brick planter

July 12, 2003
high of about 80

Status report

Patio garden

Beefsteak tomato plant is over 40 inches high with about 15 blooms on it.
Snowwhite cherry tomato is about 35 inches high with about 15 blooms on it.
Red pear tomato is about 35 inches high with about 15 blooms and one green tomato.
Anna Russian tomato is about 35 inches high with 15 blooms and one green tomato.

Genovese basil is about 20 inches high and robust. There is some cutworm or slug damage on a few of the Genovese plants. The most damaged plant is only about 9 inches high.

Siam queen thai basil is about 5 inches high and wilty.
Red rubine basil is about10 inches high.
Florence fennel is about 24 inches high.

Upper terrace

The leftover rosemary bush from four years ago is 36 inches high and very robust.
A couple of voluteer sun flowers are about 36 inches.
The first planting of cilantro has bolted and is about 20 inches.
The lettuce is about 12 inches high.
The arugula is about 12 inches high.
The brussel sprouts are about 12 inches high.
The white onions are about 12 inches high.
The two jalepeno peppers are 16 and 20 inches. One plant has produced about 5 chiles.
The two thai chile peppers are 8 and 10 inches.
The second planting of cilantro is about 4 inches high.
The bush peas are still 4 inches high and have taken a lot of damage from pests. They don't have a single intact leaf.

Lower terrace

The squash has taken over the strawberries. It is 30 inches high and 40 inches wide with 8 blooms.
The strawberries are 15 inches high with many blooms.
Brussel sprouts are 15 inches high.
The Fred meyer potatos are 30 inches high with no blooms.
The potatos from Connie's garden are 24 inches high with many blooms.

The blueberry bush has fruited and the scrub jays have taken most of the fruit. About half the fruit is not ripe yet. The rest is gone already.

Brick planter

The garlic planted from bulb is now 15 inches high.
The onions or shallots that were already here are now 40 inches high and the seed balls are opening.
The nasturtiums are up and flowering. About six inches high.

We've been having a holy war against the morning glory. There were two big days of pulling and two days of spraying roundup.  At the moment, the only morning glory visible is in the lower part of the yard where we still need to spend a lot of effort. We still fight regular starts in the patio garden and the brick planter. There are also still some morning glory sprouts showing up in the upper terrace.