Essaar Motors, New Delhi

December 30, 2002
Odometer reading: 510km
Weather: high of about 75ºF and hazy

It is already time for our 500km service on the Thunderbird. Actually, the bike has 520 km on it. The experience of going to the mechanic to have the bike serviced is a marvel of Indian efficiency.

Within minutes of pulling into the shop, there are six mechanics disassembling various parts. The whole thing takes about an hour and half of that time is spent cleaning and waxing.
The shop is pleasantly clean and orderly. They even have a cabinet for the "special tools".  But I don't see any hammers in there.
The bike gets manhandled, adjusted, prodded and tweaked.  When they are done, the bike looks as good as new and is ready for our next trip.

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