New Delhi, India

December 21, 2002

Weather: high of about 75ºF and hazy

After about a week of trying to satisfy the government requirements for purchasing a vehicle in India, we finally have a motorcycle to tour the countryside. Behold the glory of the Royal Enfield. Oh, and in case you are wondering, Royal Enfield began as a British company, but is now entirely Indian.  But there is no relation to the Indian Motorcycle that is actually America's first motorcycle company. Its all too confusing, just look at the pictures.

The registration number is a fashionable DL (for Delhi) number. We understand that should increase the resale value of the bike. The number is just painted on that plastic plate by the bike shop.
The color is midnight blue, I believe. It is a subdued, greenish blue.
The tank detail is a sticker. I wish we could have gotten an older model with a metal plate on either side of the tank. That model is gorgeous, but the clutch, brake, and shifter are in all the wrong places.
The luggage rack. It even has room for petrol cans, but we won't be going where you need to carry extra petrol.
Here are a couple of hitchhikers I picked up.
They only wanted to go as far as the end of the driveway and they tipped me in popcorn.

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