New Delhi, India

December 3, 2002

Weather: high of about 80ºF and smoggy

I'm in love with the Ambassador.  Most taxis are Ambassadors and there are plenty more of them that aren't taxis.  This black and yellow Ambassador is a metered taxi.  The pinched hood and graceful curves make it easily the most beautiful car I've seen.  It is based on the 1950's English Oxford Morris.  I hope to do a photo tribute to the Ambassador before I leave Delhi.
This is just a bit of street scene in a trendy row of shops where a lot of freelance correspondents live.
This shop reminded us of the store Anthropology in Boston.  When we made that comment, the store owner overheard us and told us that he sells things to Anthropology.  Small world.  These dishes are filled with knobs and handles made of porcelin.
The back end of the shop has this shelf full of vases.  The whole shop is so crowded with merchandise that it is hard to squeeze through it.
Here is Safdarjang's Tomb.  It is built in the middle of some lovely gardens that are frequently used by young couples to do their wooing.  There were about 20 pairs here, spaced around the gardens, most with a blanket over their heads for privacy while they smooch.
These spikes on the door to the tomb are to keep elephants from pushing down the door.
Next tomb on the list is Humanyun's Tomb.  This is a bit grander.  It is the first Moghul tomb in Delhi with construction beginning in 1564.  It is also the place where the last Moghul emperor was captured by the British in 1857.
An ancient banyan tree on the grounds of the tomb.
A blue Ambassador.  I just love these cars.  Maybe we can move to India so I can get an Ambassador.
Here are our hosts in New Delhi, posing for the family photo that will be sent out in Christmas cards.

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