New Delhi, India

November 25, 2002

Weather: high of about 80ºF and sunny

We arrive in Delhi at 2am and we are very glad to be met by our friend's driver.  After many hours rest, we commence tourism in India.

On our first day in India, we visit a Gandhi museum.  It is thoroughly inspiring despite the fact that this is the spot where Gandhi was martyred on his way to lead a prayer meeting.  His footsteps leading to the fateful spot are marked in the stone.
This is another part of the museum that was once a house where Gandhi was invited to stay.
We drive by Parliament.  After taking this picture, I noticed all the monkeys on the buildings, but couldn't get close enough to get a recognizable photo.  One monkey was sitting on the corner of the roof and looked just like a gargoyle.
We spend about an hour walking around the Lodi gardens where we hear the rich and powerful do their morning walks.  In the middle of the garden are a tomb and a mosque from the 14th century.  This is inside the remains of the mosque.
This is the tomb.
The filagree looks like it is carved right into the stone, but it is so fine that it must be done in stucco.  Carving stone that thin should be impossible.
Here the holy inspiration is striking us, telling us to spend the rest of our vacation in India.

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