Chiang Mai, Thailand

November 22, 2002

Weather: high of about 85ºF and sunny

After our Indian visa is settled, we can relax and see Harry Potter before we fly to Bangkok, then Hong Kong, then Delhi.

Starbucks is conveniently across the street from McDonalds, which enables me to get this photo.  I don't know why it is so satisfying to get even boring monk photos, but it is.
Chiang Mai is an old walled city, but most of the wall was destroyed in World War II, and dismantled to build brick roads.  Only the corners and a couple of gates remain.  Our tuk tuk driver slowed down so I could get this shot between the passing cars.  Oh, all our tuk tuk drivers were scared of Bush, but liked Clinton.
Here are is the Harry Potter movie poster.  The Thai alphabet is decidedly non-Roman, but the language can be Romanized and spelled out phonetically.  When in internet cafes, I saw people chatting in the Thai alphabet.
Hermione's publicity poster shows the Thai alphabet a little more dramatically.

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