Sapa, Vietnam

November 15, 2002

Weather: high of about 80ºF and sunny

We take another night train but this time take it out of Hanoi to the mountains near the Chinese border.  Then a minivan takes us up the torturous road into Sapa.

We have a few hours to relax before we take a half day hike with our fifteen year old Hmong guide, Shố.  I think that's pronounced somewhere between "show" and "shoe".
The hilltribes have some of the most colorful and dramatic textiles.  We even got to see how every village has its own field of indigo.  And we saw lots of women spinning flax in their hands as they walked.
Here is another entry in the exotic species catalog.  I couldn't get the camera out in time to catch the children riding water buffalo, but it was no challenge at all to get the camera out in time to catch these two.
This river valley is where we did most of our walking since it is home to many different ethnic villages.
The dramatic mist here is actually smoke.
The terraced rice fields were simply amazing.  We got to hike right through them.  Especially if you fall off the wall like I did.
This bridge was built on Sept 12, 2001.  I can remember what I was doing on that day in Boston:  I was trying to rebuild a web server.
This is the roof of a house near where we stopped for lunch.

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