Halong Bay, Vietnam

November 12, 2002

Weather: high of about 80ºF and a bit foggy

After our slacking in Hanoi, we run up against the limit of our thirty day visa in Vietnam.  By the time we get around to planning to see some of the sites around Hanoi, we only have four days to fit in Halong Bay and Sapa.  We manage to fit them both in by having some tight connections between tours and our flight out of Vietnam.

The islands in Halong Bay offer even more scenic views than Milford Sound.  But much warmer.
We spent the night on our boat anchored in Halong Bay.  We slept up on the deck looking at the stars.  I counted 3 shooting stars before falling asleep.
I came away with about a hundred shots that look pretty much just like this.
But I only have one shot like this.  Can you see the effect of the Vietnam weight loss program of lots of boring rice based meals?  Don't worry, I'll gain it all back and more when we get back to Thailand.
Julie finished reading her massive Vietnam history book on this trip and pawned it off on some friendly Brits.  Now they have to carry that brick around.

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