Wanaka, New Zealand

Weather: high of about 60ºF, low of about 40ºF and rainy

The inn we stayed at in Arthur's Pass was the first prototypical inn I've ever stayed in.  We arrived on a dark and stormy night at the mountain pass.  We ordered a meal and a room, and took the stairway up through the common dining room to our bed after dinner.

We drove to Haast, since the road from Haast to Wanaka closes at 6pm everynight.  We got through to Wanaka the next morning and we clearly have arrived in the Southern Alps.

On the way to Haast, we stopped in at two glaciers, but didn't see much more than the rain and clouds.
The sun peeked out as soon as we left the west coast and we got a glimpse of the stunning vistas to come.
Even with the light rains, the scenery here has us completely floored.  
There are a few towns here, all nestled around the mountain lakes.
We have a free day tomorrow that could go several ways:  1) look out our motel window at the mountains all day  2) go snowboarding  3) charter a flight to show us the mountain scenery.  If the rain keeps up, I'm betting on snowboarding.

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