Portland, Finnin Day style

You may have noticed that the amount of photos and commentary drops significantly while we are visiting in places where we have family and friends.  I just have a hard time spending quality time with my laptop when there are so many other people that I'd like to be spending time with.

But Portland deserves a little attention even if I can't come up with a full photo documentary.  So here is a nugget of Portland experience from our trip this time.

In our short two-weeks of visiting time in Portland, we've already eaten at these dining establishments:

Restaurant name Category Comments
This is our favorite place in the world so far.  It really is a wonderful experience, from the greeting from the chef when you walk in, to the lovely atmosphere, to the exquisitely prepared meals.  I had to make a cell phone call during the meal to brag to a friend in Boston that I was having a Pad Thai at Lemongrass.
A fast food restaurant that serves Walla Walla onion rings, Tillamook cheeseburgers, halibut fish and chips, and Oregon berry shakes.  Arguably the best food that you can get at a drive-through window.
Baja Fresh
We thought that Rubio's in San Diego had the best fish tacos in the world, but I think we have a new winner.  This is a new addition to the Portland stable of restaurants since we lived here, but we'll probably become regulars in no time.
Despite the 50's wood paneling, red-and-white tablecloths, and paper placemats, it's the best Italian food in Portland.  The minestrone soup, house salad, and meatless red sauce are things we dreamed about from Boston.
The mezza meals here are a wonderful collection of yummy dishes.  We had forgotten that the right way to order is for one person to get the vegetarian mezza and another person to get the meat mezza, and then share.  We ended up with a little too much meat mezza.
Simple and tasty Mexican in the neighborhood.
Up-scale dishes from TV celebrity chefs.
Taqueria Nueve
Mexican, Oaxacan
A very different set of dishes than you might get in your average Mexican restaurant in America.
Coffee house
The Starbucks in Pioneer Square is the only Starbucks we've seen (and we've been to a lot of them) across the country that has wireless computer access available.
Coffee house
Great coffee and well-cared-for employees.  But the coffee cake is kind of stale. Very popular among the countless Portlanders who prefer noncorporate coffee.
Jiffy Squid
They no longer are in business, but they used to have 24-hour coffee and Belgian waffles in a modern art atmosphere.  Yum.
Baghdad Cafe
The McMenamin brothers have several inns, restaurants, and movie houses around Portland.  This is one of them.  It shows second-run movies and lets you eat pizza and beer while you watch the movie.
Rainbow's End
This was a new one for us.  We stopped here for lunch in Troutdale on the way to a hike on Mt Hood.
Old Town Pizza
A great old building with lots of dark wood and funky old decor.  The small, thin-crust pizzas have lots of gourmet options.  Fresh garlic and onions are free on every pizza.

What do you know?  I actually took a few photos in Portland
Here I am on the timberline trail on Mt Hood.  It was a beautiful day on the mountain even though it was rainy in the city below.
hiking on Mt Hood
Here are a few more clouds.  This is looking west from Mt Tabor, toward Portland.  The line of hills at the bottom are the west hills of Portland, where we hope to be mountain biking a year from now.
Clouds over Mt Tabor
There are a few reservoirs on Mt Tabor and they are actually planning to put covers on them to protect them from terrorist attacks.  What a shame.
Resevoir on Mt Tabor
We got new drivers licenses and new plates for the car.  And it turned out that we got plates on the first day of the release of the new Crater Lake plates.  So cool.  And for all you internet stalkers, I've randomized the plate number with Photoshop.
new Oregon plates

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