Crater Lake, Oregon

Date: August 6, 2002

The drive from Grass Valley through northern California was gorgeous.  We followed the Yuba River for hours.  We got more and more excited as we recognized the landscape becoming more and more like Oregon.

These evergreens in northern California were another element in our homecoming.  It doesn't seem too logical to get so excited about a homecoming right before we leave on a long journey, but there you have it.
northern California
We passed through Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California.  Before Mt St Helens, this volcano was the biggest eruption in the lower 48 states, and it was one of the places that was studied to find out how Mt St Helens would recover.
volcanic venting
The drive into Crater Lake took us through some regions in Oregon that had just been battling wildfires.  The haze and the smoke was pretty grim.  But when we got up to the lake, the smoke had dispersed enough to get some great views.  As long as we didn't look to the southwest.
Crater Lake
I was hoping to get a picture of Julie next to a sign for wizard island.  But there just wasn't enough good signage.  I just had to take the standard picture instead.
Wizard Island
As we were taking this picture, a fellow tourist offered to take a photo for us.  He didn't quite understand how we like how these pictures turn out.  We let him take a picture of us and because we have a digital camera, it didn't cost us any film to be friendly and let him take it.
You can see it was a little chilly up there.  There were still a few spots of snow on the ground in the shade.
self portrait

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