Bandolier National Monument, Los Alamos

Date: July 19, 2002
Current location: Los Alamos, NM

On the way out of Santa Fe, we took a little detour to see some Anasazi ruins and the home of the atomic bomb.  With recommendations from Leigh, how could we miss it?  (Actually, Leigh, we didn't get your email until we had already gone to the park, but thanks!)

Bandolier National Monument was a well-developed park that made us want to work for the park department.  The employees and volunteers there got to stay in lovely houses near the park.  
cave dwelling
This site was an adobe village with many adjoined rooms and two kivas in the center.  A kiva is a dug-out circular room with mudbrick walls and a ladder coming down in the middle.
village complex
Here I'm climbing up into one of the cliff houses.
Ryan in a cave house
After Bandolier, we stopped by Los Alamos because I wanted to see another national lab.  The coolest thing of the town was the SGI office in a strip mall next to a dry cleaner.  I would have taken more pictures, but I was nervous about looking like a terrorist or something.  So on the way out of town, I took this shot of a mushroom-cloud over Los Alamos as we were leaving.  Go figure.
Los Alamos

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