Santa Fe

Date: July 17, 2002
Current location: Santa Fe, NM
Odometer: ?

Santa Fe is so beautiful.  It is hard to refrain from comparing it to Texas, since we just came from there, so I won't.   New Mexico appears to compare favorably to Texas in every category we can detect.

Here are the cloud pictures I promised in our last installment.

First, I need to recommend this diner on Route 66 on the way to Santa Fe.
Del's diner on Route 66
Not much to say about this series of cloud shots except I could take photos like this all day long.  It is just so satisfying to see all those shapes and textures come through so readily on film.  I liked the way the rocks on the ground and the scattered clouds echoed the same shapes.
cloud one
There's a crowd of clouds near the horizon.
cloud two
More of the big and fluffy variety.
cloud three
Then there is a bit of ominous and glowering variety.  Seconds after I took this, rain was coming down hard.
cloud four

As for mountain biking here, it is a lot more serious than in Connecticut.  First there is the altitude.  That is enough to pretty much wipe us out, but then there is the "much bigger"-ness of things here.  We tried the Perrago trail which links up with the Windsor trail outside of Santa Fe.  It is one of the popular trails to do here.  Anyway, it was longer stretches of up and down than we are used to, bigger obstacles, and steeper trails.  We ended up walking a lot.  The trail we did today was much easier than Slick Rock trail in Moab, so we are adjusting our plans accordingly.  Maybe we'll just walk our bikes around Moab.

Still the downhill portions of the trail were pretty fun.  There were some two-foot drops that I could leap off of at speed, but after landing, there would immediately be another one and I wasn't quite set up for another leap.  If I did it enough, I might get into the rythym and just bounce down the hill like that.

We took the time to attend a Suzanne Vega concert last night and mingled with the locals.  Good fun.

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