Houston, Amarillo, Santa Fe

Date: July 16, 2002
Current location: Santa Fe, NM
Odometer: ?

We left Houston early on Monday under the cover of heavy rain.  That kept the drive pretty cool until after Dallas.  Then we had 50% cloud cover for awhile.  Still it was hot enough to use a litre or two of water in our spray bottle air conditioning.

Roadkill spotted in Texas

We stayed in a Holiday Inn with an indoor pool in Amarillo.  The pool was a little slimy but still a good idea.  The problem was all the noise from the teenagers playing video games by the pool all night.  Note to self:  next time, ask for a room away from the pool.

We woke up late in Amarillo, and set off for Sante Fe.  It was already hot in the morning and got into the 90's by the time we got to the border of New Mexico, but instead of feeling like it was 110 like it did in Texas, it suddenly felt like it was in the 70's.  We stopped in Tucomkari, Tuc-n-patti, Tucknroll, or something like that, on the historic Route 66.

The clouds put on a great show.  There will be some cloud pictures in the next installment.

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