Last update: July 13, 2002
Current location: Houston, TX
Odometer: 72,513

Our first stop in Houston was dinner at Otto's Bar-B-Q.  That's George W. Bush's favorite barbeque stand, and that's where he was when he thought to himself, "Yeah. I could do that. I could be president."  But Otto's was closed, and Kris was unsuccessful at charming them into feeding us.  So we went to another barbeque joint.  I hear the food is tastier at the place we ended up.

Next day, we drove down to Galveston to play on the beach.  At least I thought we were going to the beach.  It turns out that Galveston is more than just a pretty beach.

First we toured Moody mansion and then went to a burger joint where we got this picture of our fine hostess, Kris, as she was taking a picture of her fine guests, us.
Texan Kris
Then we toured the oil rig museum and saw these rigs in the harbor for repair. The museum was an old retrofitted oil rig.
oil rigs
Here we are, all dressed up for working as roughnecks on the rig.  You'll notice that Julie wears the coveralls in this family.  I'm stuck with the orange jacket and goggles.
working on the rig
Kris and Julie decide to spruce the place up a bit, but as you can see, they missed a few spots.
swabbing the deck
The oil rig museum even has an exhibit of the manager's desk.  I knew a self-portrait opportunity when I saw one.
think safe
After the museum, we still hadn't been swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.  But darned if a big old storm didn't blow up and dump on the coast. (Can you hear my Texas accent?)  Notice that there are no curbs in this street.  Actually, they are there, you just can't see them under the many inches of water in this street.  Hula Dude says, "That's a lot of water" (strum strum).
flash flood

Tourist checklist for Houston
Toured NASA facility
Went to Otto's barbeque where Bush goes
Saw a Texas ranch
Toured Enron
Worked on an oil rig

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