Little Rock

July 12, 2002
Current location: Little Rock, AR

Arrived in Little Rock at Terry and Dianne's place and then went out for a motorcycle ride on their Harleys.  (and Gerald's Ninja).  The motorcycle ride got me all excited again about owning a bike.  Uh oh, sounds like another expensive hobby coming up.

Oh, and pulling out of Nashville, I backed the car up into a garage that bashed in my mountain bike on the roof rack.  Looks like I might be riding sideways from here on out.  Maybe I'll find out how serious that lifetime warranty is on the Trek bike frame.

The next morning we toured Splash Super Pools and saw the top secret new pool they are working on.  But we have no pictures of it because we like our knees the way they are.

This is another stop with no photos.  I'm such a stinker.  But the problem is that it is hard to take pictures when you are on a motorcycle, eating or sleeping.  And that's about all we did in Little Rock.

Next time, we hope to go to the Toltec Mounds, mountain bike on the military base,  see the capitol building (a miniature version of Washington DC), and maybe even dig in the Diamond Crater.  Oh, and visit the hot springs.

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