Nova Scotia

June 28, 2002

Current location: Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Odometer: 69,874
Last update: 7/1/2002
Countries visited so far (out of our goal of 20): 2

Days since we started traveling (out of our goal of 365): 80

We took our car in a ferry from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and drove along the north coast of the island for a few days.

There was quite a bit of drama in getting through customs.  I was used to getting into Canada with just a driver's license but that was before Sept 11.  So we asked the travel agent what documents we needed and she said a driver's license, birth certificate, and social security number OR a passport.  I didn't have a passport with me, so I asked Dad and Peggy to mail me a birth certificate.  They were able to pick one up and express mail it to me with the guarantee that it would be there the next day at 3pm.  Which was good because we wanted to leave for the ferry at that time.  But the post office wasn't even close to meeting the guarantee and I thought I'd have to skip this particular trip while Julie and Anne went on without me.  At the last minute I negotiated with the ferry people to see what was the bare minimum documentation that they would accept.  They said I'd be fine with just a driver's license.  Which turned out to be true.  Phew.

The ferry was a new hydrofoil (The Cat) built in Australia.  It wasn't very full (about 30%) so we had all that luxury space to ourselves.  There was enough motion on the ferry to keep the bathrooms busy from the seasick travelers.  We mostly slept.

We stayed a night in a camp in Digby, a night in Royal Annapolis, and a night in New Minas.

We also drove into a park in the interior of the island and hiked a little, but the bugs were pretty horrible, so we had to move pretty fast.

In Annapolis Royal, I watched the final game of the World Cup.  Go Brazil!

Meet the cast of characters for this trip.  From left to right:  Julie, Ryan, and Anne.  This was taken at the foggy coast of Point Forchu near a lighthouse.
the three amigos
I thought this sign was pretty funny, warning of rogue waves in this tiny pond.  But, of course, it refers to the dangerous waves from the shore not far below.
rogue waves
We saw fields and fields of lupines growing wild.  They were in just about every vacant lot.  This is a vacant lot right on the coast by the lighthouse.
lupines like weeds
Here Anne goes beachcombing.  We came up with some pretty good beach glass, but it was all green.  No clear or amber.
coast walk

And here we have the panorama from Mountain Gap resort, just north of Digby, with the namesake gap prominently featured.  This bay opens out onto the Bay of Fundy.

mountain gap

Tourist checklist of our Nova Scotia trip:

Ate bumbleberry pie
Ate poutine
Ate rapure pie
Saw the 50 foot tide
not really, just smelled low tide
Rode the tidal bore in a zodiac raft
Toured Fort Anne
Toured the lighthouses on the south coast
Toured the churches
Whalewatching in a zodiac
Hiked in Kajimujik
yes, but lots of bugs in June
Learned about the expulsion of the Acadians
Ate scallops in Digby
Saw the mountain gap near Digby
Drove the Evangeline trail
Saw the red clay cliffs at Blomidin
Spent a day at Upper Clemonts amusement park
Ate donuts at Tim Horton's
Went to one of the many yard sales on Saturdays

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