San Diego and San Francisco

June 21, 2002

After flying from New York, we landed in San Diego and have been visiting with the Finnin clan.

Here are some Finnin kids looking at Julie's superior gleeking skills as captured on video by her brother, Greg. What is gleeking? It is the ability to squirt a little spit from under your tongue with deadly accuracy.  This appears to be the one thing that Julie can do better than her big brother.
One of the many things that Greg can do better is fly fishing. Greg took us on a trip to learn how to fly fish on the San Gabriel river, east of LA.  Here we have the first casting lesson. Dad Finnin is documenting.
fly fishing lesson
Bob Finnin has his pilot's license and was using this map to plan our trip up in a single-engine plane up to San Francisco.
flight navigation maps
Here we are in the airplane with our headphones on. Ryan was the navigator.
I love dials and switches.  Sitting in front of this stuff for the whole 4-hour flight was really cool.
As proof that we made it successfully to San Francisco, here is the cable car shot.
San Francisco tourists

We'll be returning to New York within a week.