Bronx Zoo

June 14, 2002

Here we are at the Bronx Zoo .  So you might expect to have some pictures of animals.  But how interesting is it to take pictures of bored animals in captivity?  So instead this trip to the zoo is really just a showcase for the delightful children we went with.  Besides, I was too tired to take too many photos on account of getting up at the crack of dawn to watch Italy and Mexico tie in the World Cup .

Mia does her "going to the train" dance while  Allison inspects the greenery.
going to the train
Allison in top gear.
speeding Allison
Mia makes the most of her "out of stroller" time by walking with flair.
flying Mia
The zoo has a publicity drive around the number of baby animals they currently have.  There were plenty of signs indicating babies and they even had this chance for visitors to pretend to be babies. Some visitors didn't have to pretend too hard.
baby Mia
Zoom of Allison in a baby suit.
baby Allison
Before the command to smile was given, I snuck in a picture.
Bronx babies
And then the smiles commenced.
smiling babies
Mama Jen peeks in to the baby suit.
baby Jen
A couple of other neckless babies.  With antenna.
baby Ryan and Julie
Neckless babies without antenna.
baby Ryan and Julie