Middlefield, Connecticut

June 9, 2002
Odometer: 68,842
Southbound on I-84

Today's page is dedicated to Toontses and Jambi, our cats.  We just said goodbye to them as we left them in cat care (Hi Leigh!) for the duration of our trip.  It was terribly sad, but we know they'll be in good hands.

A few other details before getting to the Shrine of the Felines®:
Jambi on the dashboard.  She doesn't like driving much, but has a few moments of lucidity.
Jambi on the dashboard
Toontses on the lap of luxury.
Toontses after napping
Kitties in the window.  Here Toontses and Jambi are being houseguests at Chez Charles in fabulous Milton Head, Massachusetts.
kitties in window

Our next stops after Middlefield, CT will be New York and San Francisco.
We'll be returning to Middlefield by about June 24.