Hi everyone,

Here are a few highlights from our trip so far.  Actually, our highlights aren't very high yet, since our trip has only been from Jamaica Plain to Milton to Duxbury to Middlefield, CT.  But I needed a chance to practice my photo presentation skills.  So here you have it,  enjoy.

Oops, did I lie already in such a short email?  Our travels also included a side-trip to Portland, OR, in order to tuck our worldly belongings into a storage unit.  While we were there, we saw the sites, including the cow art in the local mall.

One of the sites in Portland is the newish Chinese Garden (rated highly by the New York Times).  We had to see what the fuss was about.  Personally, I like the Japanese Garden better, but any garden is worth spending time in. [Julie prefers the Chinese garden, just for the record.]

Then there was the day we hung out on Duxbury beach in style with our friend Anne Toevs.  We were taking the chair to the dump so we had it in the truck. Which begged the question, why sit on a folding chair when you've got a pleather recliner handy?  Duxbury beach looks a whole lot better from a comfy chair.

You may have heard rumors about the fancy mountain bikes which we bought under pressure from our Connecticut friend Bill Hall.  It is true:  we have dorky hats and padded gloves, we've been drinking Gatorade and sweating in primary colors.  You're probably dying for a nice close up of all the caked mud, but you'll be disappointed... mud just doesn't photograph well.

Our plans at the moment are to continue loafing (and biking) here in Connecticut for perhaps another month, with side trips to visit family and friends.  The first of those trips on our docket is Fort Wayne, Indiana May 24 to May 29.  Our international exploits will commence in August.

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Julie (jfd@finninday.net)
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