Trondheim, Norway

April 4, 2003
Weather: high of about 30ºF and sunny

We stop for a bit on our trip to Oslo. We're getting increasingly excited about approaching the end of our trip. As a result, we probably don't take advantage of all the things that Norway has to offer. Still it is beautiful, in a kind of "fill-the-time" kind of way.

The trip from Narvik south to Trondheim starts by bus since the only train into Narvik is mainly for carrying iron ore from mines to the port. The train tracks just don't go south from here.
The bus ride goes through gorgeous fjord scenery, like what we saw in New Zealand, only more so.
The glacier-carved landscape is just so much more dramatic than the mountains I'm used to seeing in the lower 48 states in America.
At one point, the bus pulls onto a ferry for a 25-minute fjord crossing. In the ferry cafe, I get this cup of chocolate milk. The ingredients list says that it is rich in skummetmelkpulver goodness.  Yum.
We get off the bus at Fauske and catch a train down the coast to Trondheim. More fantastic scenery. As we get further south, the mountains get smaller and the farms get bigger.
The cathedral in Trondheim has a very impressive gallery of saints. The rest of the cathedral is pretty ordinary except for the odd green tint to the walls.
Trondheim is rich in wireless networks and so we have an easy time getting connected. Here we're in a fancy wine bar getting the cheapest thing on the menu so we can sit in the warm space and update the web page. The network is run by Multioffice which sells access to the network, but it also has allows guests to log in and use it for free for three minutes. After that, we're booted out and we have to log in again. A small price to pay for access.

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