Chittorgarh, India

February 3, 2003
Weather: high of about 75ºF and overcast

Padmini Restaurant
Seneca School
Bilwara Rd
Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Ryan and Julie Day
American Tourists traveling by motorcycle

As we get closer to Delhi, the weather gets colder and cloudier. I fear that we'll ride back into Delhi in a fog as thick as when we left. Not only is the weather becoming less motorcycle-friendly, but our desire for adventure is approaching a low ebb. Still, I have to say I'm proud that I finally come up with a system for taking a bucket bath that seems to work well.

We pull into Chittorgarh after driving from the resort town of Udaipur. The accomodations are quite different. On our first pass through town, we miss the hotel that we'd like to stay at. We stumble across the biggest and best hotel in town. It is hosting a wedding, so there are no rooms, but we have a great lunch, and our eager waiter lets us ride the wedding horse. (Indian grooms draped in marigolds and turbans trot to the nuptual fire to meet their betrothed.)
Julie and I both take a turn at riding the horse around the grounds, then Julie snaps a photo. This might be my first time on a horse. At least I can't remember another time. You can tell by the hooked ears that the horse is one of the famous Rajput breed -- they are indigenous to Rajasthan, and carried Rajput warriors into battle.
I really dig the highway mileposts. Maybe it is the exotic city names. Maybe its the way they fill in the gaps left by bad maps and road signs in Hindi. Here I am, 81 km past Chittorgarh on our way to Bundi.
Lastly, I have a bit of corporate poetry that really made my day. This is from the menu where we had our delightful lunch in Chittorgarh:

Padmini Restaurant
A Land Mark in Vegetarian Hotels

God created vegetation on the Paradise of
this lofty Earth with Heavenly Adam and Beautiest Eve-
So we strive to serve vegetarian food to all for
Good health, happy and blooming faces.

Dear Guest,
Thank you for your visit to Padmini Restaurant -
We heartily WELCOME YOU!

  • Order once placed shall not be cancelled.
  • Please allow us 20 minutes to serve you better.
  • Food from outside is not allowed.
  • Alcoholic Drinks are not allowed in the Hotel premises.
  • Pets are not allowed in the Restaurants.

We endeavor to serve you best. However, in case you find any
inconvenience, Please do not hesitate to contact the duty manager for any advice or assistance.

With hearty thanks and warm regards.

General Manager
Padmini Restaurant

How to contact us: