Udaipur, India

February 1, 2003
Weather: high of about 80ºF and scattered showers

The ride to Udaipur is over the best road we've seen so far: mostly smooth blacktop, very little traffic, twisting through the Aravalli Hills. I just want the road to go on and on, until it starts raining. Then we get soaked. In Udaipur, we go from home-style hospitality to five-star hotel. I admit that the long hot shower feels very good.

We stop in to see the Lake Palace Hotel (where part of Octopussy was filmed). We thought we might be able to stay there one night, but the room rate for non-Indians $400/night. Yow. We opt for someplace a bit cheaper.
There has been a request for more emotional response to the landmarks we see. OK, here goes: we feel pretty weary of all the amazing palaces and historic landmarks. In Udaipur, we choose to have high tea instead of touring the museum because it is too far to walk the half block.
The guard argued with us about the museum. He said we'd be sorry that we missed the museum because everyone comes to Udaipur just to see the museum. I find the light on the hills magical while we look out from our seat at lunch. (Later, we relent and see the palace museum. It is OK.)
We take a relaxing boat ride around the lake and get some very lovely views of the palaces.
Shah Jahan, the builder of the Taj Mahal, lived in exile in this island palace. We spoil ourselves in Udaipur with hot showers and big meals.

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