Jodhpur, India village tour

January 28, 2003
Weather: high of about 85ºF and clear

For $9.05, including a full day of labor, the broken bike is fixed, so we relax and take a guided tour around the villages near Jodhpur. Friends we met along the way recommended this tour with the Haveli Guest House very highly. We are lucky to be taken on the tour by the manager of the Haveli Guest House even though he is usually too busy with his NGO that is building water tanks and schools for the villagers around Jodhpur.

We see dozens of these tiny Chinkara antelope running around. They are only about 100 cm tall and live a luxuriant life, nibbling flowers in a region farmed by Bishnoi conservationists.
We stop at the Rupraj Dhurry Udyog, a cooperative for traditional carpet weavers. Mr Rupraj is on the right in the colorful turban. Dhurries differ from carpets because they have the same design on both sides.
Here is Mr Rupraj's home and workshop, and one delighted shopper.
The tour includes lunch at a village household. Our host dresses me up in a turban and dhoti (billowy white trousers). We eat three different curries and buttered chapattis cooked over an adobe, wood-fired stove. Without utensils. (We are getting good at this.)
I had to pose next to this prodigious stack of hand-pressed buffalo dung patties, which augment scarce desert firewood. This is probably enough fuel to last several months.
These are the hand-embroidered shoes (jooties) of our host.

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