Jhunjhunu, India

January 10, 2003

Weather: high of about 75ºF and clear

The Bikaner camel fair is still seven days away and we are still relaxing in Jhunjhunu.

The room we are in now is a bit less furiously decorated, just mirror fragments on white walls. To tell the truth, the richly painted room was a little hard to sleep in. There was just so much going on in all those paintings.
Pepsi and Coke haven't totally crushed the local soft drink makers. I've sampled Thums Up cola, which has pretty funny ads on TV. But I just can't bring myself to try Toss Up cola. The name is just too nasty.
Mr Laxmi takes us to see a few more local sights. Here we are on the roof of the royal palace of Jhunjhunu.
From the palace we can see one of the forts of Jhunjhunu. Can you tell I like typing the name, Jhunjhunu? Jhunjhunu seems like one of the exercise words from high school typing class.
The skies are full of kites on this winter afternoon. Every rooftop seems to be a launch pad for a couple of kites. The children wave to us and shout hello from the tops of the buildings nearest the palace.

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